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Welcome to The Body Mod General Wiki. I am currently trialing an open editing policy. Should this be abused the wiki will be changed over to a more reserved policy allowing only edits by approved members.


I'm opening up the forums for testing purposes. Whether or not registration is being allowed will be shown in the red box near the top of the page.


Information here may be of varying quality. There are risks of harm/injury associated with performing or following anything written here, and anything that happens when following information here is your own responsibility.

This is meant to serve as a central place of documentation for /bmg/ findings. You may post guides, image references, etcetera here. Please try and write in a manner that is easy to understand.

There are some general rules though, these may be updated as seen fit by the administrator (11san).

  1. All wiki pages must pertain to body modification/enhancement content.
  2. Do not encourage/promote acts that are illegal.
  3. No pornography or illegal content.
  4. Be excellent to each other.
  5. No personally identifying information may be posted
  6. Be professional in your writing and edits.

To view a list of body modifications and modes you can go here

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